Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Purchase an extra set of car keys... Pay now, or pay More Later !

I'm going to try and break this down simple. Many dealers and high end lock-smiths can cut a key by your vehicle VIN or a provided manufacture Key Code, and that's after you've provided proof of ownership... can you do this easy ? Just one more reason you should not keep that kind of paperwork in the vehicle, unless you want to also pay to have your vehicle broken into. Many Manufactures discontinue this VIN info after about 10 years. Get an Extra Key, and obtain your key code and keep it in a safe place that you can get to in an emergency. A lost key emergency will happen, its just a matter of time. A new key only has a 50-50 chance of working after its cut the first time by code. This can still be a nightmare even on the older models. Without the vehicle on hand the key can not be tested. It may require a second or third cut along with additional filing off sharp edges. This is for vehicles that have no chipped keys, meaning computer chip keys or smart keys that respond to the vehicles PC system. In some cases a new chipped key may need to be reprogrammed several times at the dealer. This last key that gets lost can still cost hundreds of dollars and days or weeks of running around in a vast waist of time that could have been stopped by just getting a spare key cut.

Now lets get started on the new age vehicles with chipped, transponder or "smart-keys". This is where its gonna start hurting and burning. Lets Begin...Shall we...

Most mid to loaded vehicles from the year 2000 and up are coming with Chipped keys and also a Remote or Transmitter for power locks and or remote start. One to Three separate chipped devices for your vehicle, on one key chain. Also, When you buy a used car, you need to be sure your getting a second set of keys upon delivery or you'll be paying out the nose for an additional set. Not to let the cat out of the bag or anything, I'll bet they'll make me remove this line for sure...

Lets do some math:

A single chipped key can cost from $50 and go as high as $190

A Smart key with built in Remote can cost $250 or more

A single remote for power locks, alarm, and or remote start, $25 up to $150

Labor to Program each device runs $60 to $95, so how many separate devices are on your key chain ? Key and a Remote ? Plus Labor ? Don't forget TAX...

Oh, before I forget, we must have the vehicle to program the devices too. That's right... Lets add a tow bill to this repair order $45 to $105 ?

Do you get it yet ? Let me help you, I'm gonna give you best case. One key, One Remote, Labor, Tax and a Tow. Your still looking at $200 best case... And how much time does it take if all goes well, 1-2 days and you still need proof of ownership.
Hopefully you don't use your vehicle to make money, like a contractor would. In that case Time is Money.

Some very High end Lock-Smiths can cut and program on site - NOT CHEAP, good luck finding one in your area. And remember you will need proof of ownership. Again, for some this task can be very difficult, so get your papers in order now.

I most likely left out some other details but you get the point.

And we still look like the bad guys because you decided to put off getting that spare set of keys...

I haven't even scratched the surface if you own a BMW or another EuroElite ride.

Think long and hard about the events that will transpire from your last vehicle key lost... this is just a starter, what about all the other keys ?

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and remember, we're dealin'



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